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A few words from Morgan's patients ...
M Phillip - Cannock, Staffordshire

Having suffered with a severe stiff neck twice before, I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Morgan who treated me yesterday within hours of the acute onset of this painful and frightening condition returning. Morgan took a detailed history and made a through examination before diagnosing, amongst other things, facet joint inflammation. She was able to identify the trigger point with pin-point accuracy, detail how it was likely to have happened and reassure me about how the treatment would improve the situation. An hour later, following some painless but intensive therapies, I was able to sit up and move my neck with the pain reduced to a fraction of what it was. I was given further detailed advice about how to improve the symptoms over the next few days and a likely prognosis for getting back to normal. Morgan has a naturally reassuring manner. She is clearly extremely competent as both a diagnostician and therapist and made me feel comfortable and reassured at all times. I am left in absolutely no doubt that I would be in an awful state today if I'd not been treated by Morgan. I've been treated by an acupuncturist before and have had sports massage therapy. The more holistic approach taken by Morgan - employing the full range of therapies in one sitting, has proven far more beneficial to me than the other treatments provided in isolation. I know that I will call on Morgan's services again in the future and would, without any hesitation, recommend this friendly, professional and through practitioner to anyone needing treatment. I'm incredibly grateful to Morgan for her treatment and ongoing follow-up care. Thank You.

K Saunders - Stourbridge

I have suffered with fibromyalgia since 1996 and have recently been diagnosed with neuralgia. The pain never seems to go away completely, so I see Morgan every 3 weeks. She is a wonderful osteopath, that spends time to find out each session how I am doing and then she treats accordingly. She takes her time and gives 100% every time I see her. I having been seeing osteopaths since 1996, some I was glad to see the back of, but that does not include Morgan. The first time Morgan treated me was a while back when she was doing maternity cover, then at the beginning of this year I needed to find an osteopath again. I luckily found Morgan, and I was overjoyed. I would recommend anyone with confidence to see Morgan. You will not be disappointed.

D Hewitt- Cannock

After suffering with  a neck problem and more recently a trapped nerve I contacted Morgan to see if she could help me. My first visit was to get relief for my neck, I could feel the relief immediately; I was more comfortable than I had been for a few weeks. I now see Morgan regular to try to keep myself pain free. Over the last few months I have been suffering with a trapped nerve again Morgan has helped ease the pain.

I would defiantly recommend Morgan, She listens and discusses what the problems are before starting any treatment. Morgan is very professional and polite

M Carter- Birmingham

I have been recieving regular treatment to my back from Morgan for over 18 months at the Guildhall back centre. 


I have scheuerman's disease and find Morgan's treatment invaluable. Morgan's thorough treatment includes Massage, Acupuncture and an array of stretches.


Morgan's also treats my neck and shoulders too, which provides great relief. I have a physical job and feel Morgan allows me to work in comfort.


Due to Morgan's treatment i now feel a lot more flexible and i can certainly move more freely. I also feel my posture has imporved over time since visiting Morgan.


I have recieved treatment from various Osteopaths and Physiotherapists since 2005 and i can definatly say Morgan has been one of the most effective in my case.

N Begum- Smethwick, Birmingham

'I suffered from severe back pain in Autumn 2014; It was so bad I could not even sit or walk properly. My GP was supportive but unfortunately the diagnosis and investigation was taking very long I had to take action as the pain was consuming me and was affecting my daily life; I had to even stop driving. My search began I tried holistic therapy it did not ease the lower back pain; Whilst researching immensely on line and speaking to friends and family they suggested Osteopathy. Reading reviews online and the benefits of it especially for joint pain I finally found my cure but there was an issue 1) Location 2) Pricing 3) gender of the Osteopath (Being an Asian Muslim Female) I did not wish to be examined by a male Osteopath; I researched more and found Morgan the only female Oesteopath registered and working in central Birmingham; It was ideal as I could not drive the Guildhall Practice is a stones throw from New Street Train Station; The pricing is very good value for money in comparison to other practitioners. I had monthly treatments from Sept until Feb than every 6-8 weeks. I rarely get any pain an odd stiff here and there but the exercises help. I would recommend Morgan as she has a genuine passion for her Job and if it was not for her, I would still be in a lot of pain since my treatments began I was advised I had slipped the disc in my lower back and I am making sure that I keep on top of my Pilates and Osteopath treatments with Morgan'.

E Spencer-Rigby - Birmingham

I've been visiting Morgan since I had a neck injury about 2 years ago. I have troublesome fallen arches and feet issues which tend to mess up my alignment and cause problems right the way up my body. At first I saw Morgan regularly, but, after a course of treatment, I now just have to check in now and again for a bit of treatment to straighten me up again. This is mainly down to me being lazy about my stretching, or doing silly things like climbing up and down volcanoes. 


Morgan really puts you at ease and I immediately trusted her, which is incredibly important when you get to those neck crunches! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Morgan.

D Hancox - Birmingham 

Having suffered with pain in my left shoulder from a previous car accident a friend suggested I pay Morgan a visit to see whether she could help relieve the pain. Having not used an osteopath before I didn't know what to expect, but after my first appointment my shoulder felt much better and continued to do so with further treatment from her. Morgan is a very professional, friendly person whose experience is evident in the way she provides her treatments. I have returned to her many times now whenever my shoulder starts complaining and she always seems to be able to provide pain relief so I would highly recommend her to anyone in this situation without hesitation.

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