Deposits & Payments

We are kindly asking all new patients to pay a deposit fee upfront for their appointments. This is £20 for Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Cupping and Lymphatic drainage massage (30 mins). 

For Lymphatic full body massage and Hydrotherm we are asking for a £40 deposit fee. This is due to a double slot having to be blocked out on our system. The remainder of the payments can be paid on the day of treatments. You are given receipts for your appointments as proof of payments. 

Deposits fee's will be sent by email (If this isn't possible for you please let us know and we can arrange to take it over the phone.) Fee's are required to be paid within 24 hours of booking. If booking within this time period we ask you pay the fee immediately to secure your bookings.  

Failure to attend an appointment or cancellation within 24 hours notice will require in a loss of fee.

Cancellation Policy: 

'We reserve the right to charge a £20/ £40 fee for the above. If you're unable to make an appointment please let us know as soon as possible and we will re-book you in. The Clinic does operate cancellation lists so if you are unable to attend it means we can offer your appointment to someone else if given notice. £20/ £40 charge will only be made if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or failure to attend your appointment. To ensure you have cancelled or moved an appointment we recommended you speak to our receptionists. If emails are sent we always reply with a confirmation it's been received. If this isn't the case it means your email has not been seen and can risk a fee being charged. Our inbox is checked regularly daily.'

Unfortunately this has had to be put in place due to increased numbers of non attendance and late cancellations. If you cancel within the notice period this can be transferred to a new appointment date or held on account.