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Working from home? Sort out that Workstation setup!

At The VIP clinic I want to help you to minimise the risk of repetitive strain injury due to desk-based work from home by helping you, and your body work more efficiently at home.

In this blog, We are covering all the tips on how to work more effectively by helping to improve your posture when working from a desk and how to set it up correctly. If you're needing an EXTRA nudge why don't you get booked in and see how Osteopathy can help you. We provide hands on treatment and provide exercises for you to do at home to help increase your mobility and flexibility to help you feel more comfortable.


Workstation setup which can be applied at home showing optimal posture at the desk.

For an accurate measurements based upon your own body size follow this link:


5 Top tips when working from home:

  • Space – Allocate a set space for you work at home, ideally one that is quiet and a place you can work from daily.

  • Device – Ensure your device (laptop, iPad, desktop) is situated on a flat surface, i.e a desk or table. Avoid sitting with the device on your lap as this causes posture to become complacent.

  • Breaks – Make sure you take regular breaks from work, just as you would do in the office. Stand up, walk around and maybe do a few exercises so that your body is mobile and active for a few minutes. An easy way to manage this is to set reminders on your phone at intervals of around 30-45 minutes

  • Routine – Have a daily routine set up for your working week. For example, start work daily at 8:30am and finish at 5pm. This will help you shut off from work and enjoy some down time at home.

  • Comfort – Ensure you have a comfortable and, if possible, an ergonomic chair. This can be adapted in most chairs using cushions to enable optimal comfort and posture. Try to avoid sitting on soft chairs or sofas. Often, people use a swiss ball to sit on to activate core muscles whilst working.

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