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If Osteopathy is good for the Royal Family then its good enough for all of us.

Well not only are we the VIP Clinic but I'm taking it to the next level. I don't think you can go much higher than our beloved Royal family. Our Monarch is one of the most famous females in the world. She is known everywhere and the idea I got for this post was when I was watching Netflix's one and only The Crown. If you haven't seen it it's definitely a must see.

Which brings me onto my next point. Osteopathy is endorsed by our Royal Family to which members such as The Princess Royal, Anne and HRH Princess Eugènie are patrons of some of our Osteopathy Schools. I studied at The European School of Osteopathy where Princess Eugenie is our Patron. She has a high interest in musculo-skeletal healthcare as she herself under went surgery at 12 years old to help rectify her Scoliosis. She received Osteopathic treatment before and after the surgery which she said was a huge benefit. Pippa Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge's younger Sister took her son to have some Cranial Osteopathy recently.

As Osteopaths we are primary healthcare practitioners. We become much more established and recognised as a profession in recent years. Our patients even consist of not only the Royal Family but Doctors, Dentists and even Politicians.

As an Osteopath we have an ability to diagnose and we treat the individual not just the symptoms. In this modern era we take the best evidence based approaches and I incorporate it within treatment to give a multifaceted approach to achieve the best possible results I can.

So... to conclude my aim has always been to make everyone feel like a V.I.P hence why my logo bears a crown. All of my patients and their well being are important to me hence why I wanted to continue the ethos my Mother built with V.I.P's. If you feel you want to ask me about how I can help you please get in touch on 0781 359 2921 or email: morgan@thevipclinic.co.uk

Have a wonderful day!


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